Future vision planning with Emma Lannigan

Future Vision

My future vision planning for the next 6 months has started today. I’m literally coming to the end of a 10 year cycle in December and what a 10 years!

So much has changed, grown and developed in my personal life and business world. And while there’s been so much change there also hasn’t…

I’m still working with business clients and supporting them with marketing, branding and content (did you know that?) And I’m still coaching individuals to feel that freedom in their mind they’d lost to over thinking, overwhelm and anxiety, and I’m still working with Reiki energy and teaching it.

What I do is all aligned in creating future experiences which bring happiness in life and business.

How I do this, is what’s evolving. It is taking time. I’ve known since last November where I want to be going and what it looks like. I am being patient though, and taking my time, because that’s what I did in 2009.

I took time out to train, study, read and develop and then launched belifehappy’s website online in December 2009. Now, belifehappy evolved into something very different to my initial vision, however the heart of what I developed it for is very much still alive today. I also made lasting connections from the guest bloggers, experts in holistic wellness and self development.

I want to make sure I get my next 10 years right. I’ve already lost 2 inches in height (I know!) I started to wear glasses again and my hearing is shocking! (I lip read so be careful! LOL!) So let’s just say this new 10 year plan isn’t just about business, it’s about life; making sure I have time to be healthy so I can spend quality time with the people (and woofs) I love very much.

The spirit of belifehappy will forever be in my heart, life and business. I might have my head down a bit over the next few months. Although jumping in and joining my Facebook Group belifehappy Hub and subscribing to my email newsletter , you’ll definitely get the updates of new mentoring and coaching packages, insight workshop dates and online course launches.

Finally before I go, a question I asked myself while I was working on my planning and the multiple ideas I have, was this:

“I’m not here forever, so in the time I am here for what’s important? What deserves all my energy, focus and passion to be poured into it so it will have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life?”

It was then I had the answer, my future vision.


Would you like to learn more about your own future vision? Join Emma Tuesday 10 September 6:30pm -9:30pm at her next live workshop, held in Market Deeping, near Stamford and Peterborough. Emma also offers online and in person life coaching and business mentoring sessions. Send a message here to register your interest.