A soul awakening can happen at anytime in our life. They are sometimes sparked by a major life event like a bereavement, injury, redundancy, becoming a parent to divorce. Right now though, soul awakenings are happening because it is time. 

2020 has enhanced the already global consciousness shift that has been building for a few years now. A consciousness which takes us from old heavy 3 dimensional ways to lighter and more agile 5 dimensional living.

No-one can dispute in this year people have experienced greater awareness of how they have been living, working, spending time and caring for themselves and others. A time of reflection of whether these new things have brought more or less stress and anxiety.

Surface awareness of day to day life has developed and a deeper awareness within begins. Awakening is a simple term to help identify how this transition of energy is effecting ourselves. Here’s a few things which can happen when you are awakening to help you identify with this key transition.

Awakening Changes

  1. Recognition of your thoughts and the way you see things starts to change.
  2. A feeling of something different is happening with no explanation.
  3. Being drawn to people or influencers who have had their own awakening.
  4. A feeling of being lonely and the ‘only one’ and no one would understand what you are thinking and feeling.
  5. Questioning the way you have done life and confusion over following your heart versus your head.
  6. A change in body shape (usually a shift to becoming lighter.)
  7. A thirst for learning more about yourself and others.
  8. Compassion and empathy grows and the natural wanting to help others.
  9. A ‘knowing’ something bigger is happening and somehow you are part of it.

The list above is just some of what you might experience. Below is a list of “symptoms” to help you identify with Awakening and Ascension.

Symptoms of Change

  1. Tiredness or energised
  2. Emotional
  3. Waking up during the night at specific times
  4. Vivid dreams
  5. Heart area fluttering (thymus awakening)
  6. Pressure over the Third Eye (like it is being pressed – as it opens)
  7. Fuzzy, tingly sensations around your Crown (top of head)
  8. Feeling like you want to retreat and rest in the quiet

It’s important is to make sure self care becomes high on the list of priorities. Getting rest, drinking plenty of water throughout the day, reducing caffeine and processed foods will help the body adjust to the new vibration awakening welcomes in.

Invest in a journal to make notes of new thoughts, dreams and new experiences you want to have.

This awakening time can gift many ideas and opportunities which are much more soul aligned. Presenting a time of more ease and flow as you raise your awareness. Making room for new choices which support a lighter, agile and caring self and world.

As a professional and business owner it can be difficult to walk through this awakening time. Where  commercial decisions and often difficult decisions need to be made. That’s why the Empowered Living Club was created to offer you a space where you can work through your awakening with others. Being in a space of people who understand and want growth and expansion as much as you, with direction, purpose, passion and care. Get on the Wait List.

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