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Wave of Evolving Change

A new wave of evolving change.

Learn to ride the wave of evolving change we are living in every moment as we evolve through time. No moment is the same, with constant change. And it’s in the busyness of life we don’t notice these constant changes. Instead, we get completely knocked off our feet when the big changes come.


We all have it. Some of us driven by a little fear and other’s not. There’s not right or wrong approach as we’re just all different (and that’s good!)


I’ve known for some months my world was evolving. I consciously take steps every year and throughout the year I might change it up and change tracks to keep my journey moving forward with new learnings. There’s a great difference between knowing change is coming and not knowing.

Not knowing.

We don’t always know what other changes are about to come into play. I’ve had a few of these and I’m sure you have too. Just when you think life is getting straight, momentum building and then, BOOM! The anxiety of change storms in and takes prime position. Waiting, not knowing.

Pause life.

It can feel like life is on pause. Just our own life on pause as the rest of the world moves on as its usual busy pace. It’s reminding yourself to stop to allow space and time to process the change and its impact. The pause can feel like forever, when in fact fairly quickly we can press play and rejoin life.

Buried away.

By far the easiest of ways to get on with everyday life is to bury how we feel under the giant invisible carpet, protected, safe and where no-one can see. Except the truth is we know it is there.  Growing all the time as we do our best to ignore the emotions of change.

Face it.

Stepping into our big adult shoes pulling up the invisible carpet, we can see the emotions and face them. Being honest with ourselves and what we want to be feeling. Taking a new perspective and reflecting on what we’ve come through before and what is right for right now.

Own it.

Only when we face what we fear, that space of unknown, can we start to own change. We can’t control everything in life. Having the compassion and love for life we can use a new energy to navigate us through this unknown time, trusting we will be OK.

Is that enough?

Yes we want to know the outcomes of everything. Yes we feel we need to be in control all of the time. Yes we don’t want to have to deal with change (unless we asked for it!)

What can we do instead to ride the evolving wave of change and stop anxiety from controlling us?

  1. Listening to our body and noticing what the anxiety is doing to it is a great place to start. How long can you function with the feelings of anxiety?
  2. When you’re focusing on the anxiety all of the time, what are you not noticing about the changes that are happening?
  3. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore the new journey the change presents you. What new learnings will it bring you? What opportunities have you not been able to see before the change?
  4. And finally, what can you offer this change? (We always have a choice.) We could offer fear, resistance, hate, anger; or we could choose to offer love and patience.

Creating and shaping new boundaries for the new changes, helps us ride the wave of evolving change.

Emma Lannigan mentors, coaches, talks and writes about supporting individuals as they create empowering change across their life and business. If you are ready to ride the wave of evolving change with less fear and more energy get in touch to book a discovery call with Emma. To work through change in a supportive group you might enjoy the Empowered Living Club.

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