Self harvest exercise - Emma Lannigan

Self Harvest ZING

As we say hello to August today, there is a sense of self harvest ZING in the air! For those of you who have read belifehappy: give. play. love. learn you’ll remember Zone. In. Now. Go!

I love the energy of allowing ourselves to just be. Last month was very much about a Reset to allow ourselves to take some mental time out. Time to reflect about what we have been doing and being; what we have enjoyed or want to enjoy more of.

When you are ever feeling a little lost, check in with nature and the seasons. Right now we have the harvest season just around the corner. To harvest is to reap the reward of focus, preparation and patience of what you have been growing in your mind.

With the right blend of weather conditions the harvest will be fuller and richer.

So with a month to go until your harvest, what conditions are you surrounding your life with? If you’ve not been paying too much attention to watering, adding light and focusing time on what you enjoy then it’s not too late.

Boost Your Self Harvest


Get yourself a journal or blank sheets of paper.
Zone In

  1. Bring to mind what’s important to you right now.
  2. Write down what you are enjoying and what you enjoy doing.
  3. Are you doing these things you’ve written down?
  4. Is there anything else you would like to be enjoying?
  5. Are there any reasons/ blocks as to why you are not doing any of these things?
  6. Is it OK for you to remove any of these blocks so you can enjoy these things?

Being honest with yourself is really important when you’re zoning in. You will never really be enjoying your life if you keep things back or tucked away that maybe you think you shouldn’t or couldn’t enjoy. Your honesty gives you the opportunity to at least put it out there for you to then decide what action you want to take.

Now Go!

From looking at your list it’s now time to add the sunshine, the light, the nurturing water, the blue skies, the summer breeze. Yes, go now and focus on these things that you enjoy and enjoy them.

Create time this month to experience, live, be the things on your list. Add your whole self and energy to these experiences.

In September when we are ready to harvest, we’ll check back in to see what you focused on and what grew the most.

Before I go, if you are taking up this Self Harvest Challenge think about a plant you have owned. Did you check in on it, water it, turn it round in the sunshine to get even growth? Or did you forget, it looked OK, then one day you noticed it had died?

If something or someone brings you joy, nurture it, water it and give it light and watch it grow.

Wishing you an amaZING August.

With Love

Emma x

Emma Lannigan is the founder of belifehappy and author of belifehappy: a journey of finding happiness for a lifetime with 110 inspiring short stories including meditations and relaxation techniques and 365 daily thought provoking and motivational quotes. Signed paperbacks available direct from the author or paperbacks and ebooks via all major online book stores including amazon.