Switch the doing mindset for a being mindset with a summer reset

Summer Reset

Reset your mindset and switch the doing for a being mindset. Notice what you learn over the summer and start to use this new balance in your everyday life.

There’s a sense of reset when schools break out for the summer. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student at school, a teacher, parent; schools out means something to each of us. As July starts each year there is a shift in energy to anticipation, of what? Freedom? Happiness? Rest? Fun? Adventures? There’s an energy of anxiety of what’s coming next too.  Though for many that anxiety can be pushed aside until the week before the new school year returns.

It’s like an instilled pattern of control that we can allow ourselves to feel  a sense of freedom, happiness, rest, fun and adventure for only six weeks. What would happen if we could feel and be these things all the time?

When we reset it gifts us the opportunity to reflect, adjust and let go.

Summer is a time where we are encouraged to invest in ourselves by daydreaming in the evening sunshine, taking our consciousness deeper inside to reconnect with our passions, purpose and joy. Often clouded by life, we don’t give much time to these. Instead focusing on what needs and should be done.

Switch off the doing mind to reset.

This time of year is about being you. Switching the doing mindset off for a chance to simply be. Come September the calendar calls and the control of a timetable takes its hold. The sense of being takes a back seat while we get back to doing.

“Doing what? When it gives you no enjoyment and you can’t even remember why you are doing it anyway?” You’re not alone! Many people are hovering over the pause button, ready to reset their path. Why do we wait though for the summer break to get fuelled up with purpose and passion again?

The exhaustion from doing can take its toll on our mind and our body. Physically going from one place to another, trying to get everything in, with no time to rest. Maybe sounds like someone you know? There is a point of overflow when we end up doing for doing’s sake and not actually getting anything done! Mind busy and physically exhausted, the summer holiday time couldn’t come sooner.

Reset the mindset balance.

But is this what life is about? Waiting for the summer, doing until you can do no more, rest and then get back to it?

This has to be the time when being becomes more attractive. Using the summer time to learn new ways of ‘being’ will help you balance the new term with ‘doing’. We need both to live in this world to have that sense of our real self and to be able to take purposeful action to live with inner happiness for a lifetime.

There are lots of ways to help you reset. The most important one is to rest. When do need rest away from distractions, including our timelines and news feeds. Use this time instead to allow our mind and body to just be. This is the space where we inspire and energise ourselves.

When you are being you are fully embracing what your see, hear, feel, taste, even down to what you are thinking. In a being mindset your self awareness is heightened and you start to enjoy what you are experiencing. Why? Because when you are self aware and the doing fog has lifted, you can see clearly what you don’t want and then stop doing it.

Go on, this summer give the doing and being mindset reset a go!

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