Be your best intentions when you approach the New year and any goal setting

Best Intentions

The New Year will soon be here and who hasn’t been thinking about the year ahead. Whether it’s areas of your personal life or professional world, the chances are you’ve considered what direction this year is set to take you. Alternatively consider instead of letting another year take you on a journey; you set your intentions and own your year ahead?

Life doesn’t always go to ‘plan’ it just happens; and it can bring with it blessings, challenges and sadness. Either way by being in control of what you choose for your year ahead, you release any anxiety of what might be.

What most people find difficult when setting intentions is simply knowing what it is they want.

The best advice here is to prepare. Setting intentions you think you want will more than likely lead to some disappointments. It can also just encourage you to feel like you’ve not done ‘enough,’when really you were not even sure if you wanted it in the first place.

Be sure about what you want by spending time in January learning more about yourself and who you are today.

  • Who is and what is important in your life right now and the year ahead?
  • What experiences have you enjoyed that you would like to repeat or do something similar, or maybe even challenge you further?

We often think once we’ve set a goal we need to go out there and achieve it straight away. Taking action immediately is awesome, except when you become tired and the goal takes over you. Start slowly and allow the new actions you are going to take to work into your everyday, to the point these new actions become part of everyday. That takes time and practice.

You’ll be happy to make adjustments when the outcome is something very important to you and your life.

Whatever the intention, challenge or goal you set, the timing is down to you. This is your journey of learning and growth; and if we were all learning at the same time, how would we be inspired by others?

The two key ingredients for success as you start your New Year are to: recognise what is important to you and then make sure the intentions you set match these. Take your time over this, because like anything, including decorating your home to running a half marathon; it’s the time invested in the preparation that supports the best outcome.

Wishing you all a successful and fulfilling New Year.

With Love

Emma x

Emma Lannigan offers coaching via skype and email and is available to support you in 2018. To find out more contact Emma here.