New Year advice for business owners to look to nature

New Year New Flow

New pressure, new expectations and new dread. What is new in your New Year?

Naturally our traditional New Year is in winter. A season where we observe nature adapting and changing our landscape, as it lets go of the colour and brightness; protecting itself from the elements.

In reflection we can see this natural change as a time for us to review what our year has brought to us.

What experiences have you enjoyed?

What haven’t you enjoyed?

What can you learn from these? 

It’s here in winter, a space and time is created to daydream about the future and year ahead. The intention for the tree now is that in spring it will blossom; what is your intention?

“In spring I AM….”

The seasonal changes can help guide your business and your life as your natural quarterly guide. Supporting and nourishing you from within to inject this healthy energy into your business and life.

We can change the perception of winter and the New Year to reduce the pressure, expectation and dread. Instead, embracing a season of reflection and nourishment in readiness to blossom in spring; coming into full colour in summer, and reaping the harvest in autumn.

Wishing you a Happy 2018 filled with natural flow.

Article written for Gravitas Magazine Winter 2017 issue 

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