Mind full of chatter solution with coaching

Mind Full

When we live with a mind full

To have a mind full of chatter and thoughts racing can lead us to a point where we are simply overwhelmed and exhausted. Every day we set out and the mind chatter continues. Overtime the noise can get louder and frustrating as it interrupts the day. Not far behind the frustration has grown into anger and outbursts of being ‘snappy’ and short with friends, family, colleagues and customers. With already restless and sometimes sleepless nights, this mind full of chatter can easily start to take over your life.

At this point someone might notice you’re not being yourself, or maybe you notice it first.

How one client stopped their mind full of chatter

On meeting the client they described their head as being ‘full of nonsense’. Filled with past experiences which were repeatedly coming up and in a way stopping them in their tracks; preventing them from moving forward in their business and relationships.

The client owns a successful business, and in their words had “everything I could ask for.” But they had noticed this constant mind chatter was taking over too much of their daily life and they wanted to do something about it.

Not knowing very much about coaching and what would be involved, the client attended an initial consultation where we discovered what the key problems were in their life, and what they wanted life to be like instead. 

Often when the problem is constantly there in life, remembering what life was like before or could be again is difficult.

This client was already experiencing symptoms of anxiety and their physical body was tense, they were tired, had a lack of energy and focus and they wanted, again in their words “to be myself again.”

Self awareness

Through the first stage of self awareness the client worked on understanding at what times of the day, where were they and who with when the mind chatter was at it’s busiest. We wanted to learn more about what this chatter what saying and the impact it was having.

Self awareness also allows us to start to take steps to experience what it is we want to experience, by simply noticing it in our lives again. When we are distracted and focused on the problem we’re not in the space to notice.

Healing and releasing

Before we can heal and release what is preventing individuals from moving forward, we check in to make sure of what it is they want instead. We work through future mapping and visualisations. Healing creates space and if you don’t know what you’re going to do with the space – it can create an empty void. It’s often here, people go back to their default and live the problem again.

Our beliefs

In this situation the client had a previous experience with a business partner which led to a partnership dissolving and great financial losses. The impact was in confidence and trust. While the client had since rebuilt his own business to a once again successful level, underneath there was the belief of “what if” it happens again.

Natural healing

There are a number of techniques to help heal and release negative emotions and limiting beliefs we use in NLP Coaching. With this client we used a combination of techniques, and the client through their own choice also had a number of Reiki sessions to assist the natural healing and change process within the mind and body.


As the sessions progressed, the client began to feel more focused and the mind chatter reduced. The client was able to notice things they once enjoyed. The had mentioned once really loving a game of golf, watching it on TV and getting out on the course, but for many years stayed away and as a result lost part of a social network.

By the third session the client mentioned they had booked a golf lesson. And again as the sessions progressed over the space of a month the client had been practicing and having lessons. They were rebuilding their love of golf.

It didn’t stop there, they also started taking action in booking holidays and walking trips. They started cycling, playing music and reconnecting with their interests in doing and being the activities they once loved – and discovering they still did.


As a result the client felt more relaxed and their sleep was improving.  The mind full of chatter had calmed down. Generally as a business owner it can be difficult to switch off from work, and while the switch wasn’t completely turning off, the client felt they had more control back in their life. They had refocused their social, family and me time through a new love of their interests again. The anxiety had gone and they now had plans for the future again. 

The experience of coaching allowed them to heal and release what was just not supporting them in their life now. This gave them the energy to reconnect and rediscover who they were and start living again.

If this resonates with you either having a mind full or you feel stuck in your life either from previous experiences, fear or low confidence and you want that to change, you can start you journey with Emma with in person or online coaching sessions. Emma is an NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Coach, Marketing Mentor and Reiki Master Teacher based in Market Deeping near Stamford and Peterborough, Lincolnshire.  To book in a coaching consultation send a message here.