Your story - your life

New Life Story

At this time of year we start thinking about life and for some of you, the possibility of writing a new life story. I started this year delivering a talk to a local group titled ‘New Year, New Page.’ It seemed appropriate as the talk was in the community Library, Now as I’m getting ready to wrap up this year, I woke up this morning thinking about this same thing; a new life story.

We all have our own story. We’re living it everyday, talking about it, doing it and being it. We share our story each time we speak. I’m a literally wrapping up my 10 year story. The decade of healing, transformation, root planting, learning and achieving (not everything.) This leaves me room for the next 10 years to achieve more of the life I want to experience.

You know when you pick up a book and start reading and it’s not grabbing you? It’s hard to relate to the characters, and yet you keep turning the pages? The story either clicks into place or you put it down and start another?

With our own story we can do just the same; love it or change it. No one makes you keep reading a book you don’t enjoy, it’s a choice. The only difference is you are the main character, whether you separate into new chapters, volumes or trilogies.

Creating your new life story

When you are ready to create your new story you might take the route of researching other stories and main characters. What is their success? How do they speak their story? What other characters do they have in their story? How does their story feel to you?

The research can be inspiring, opening up the world with new eyes with lots of new information. Just like mapping out in advance of writing your next chapter or book. The planning and preparation is 80% and the delivery 20%. Working out where the story is going, the wants, desires, outcomes, experiences. You might discover while the main character is focusing on their family story another character is focusing on their health and fitness.

Your life is your story

When you see a character and you think “I’d like to have my story like theirs,” that’s aspirational. Something to work towards and make your own. YOU are the centre of your story so when you are creating a new story invest time in clearly defining who you are now. Not who you think you are, not who you think you were, and not who you think you should be. Ask yourself “Who Am I?” And wait for the answers.

It can be all too easy to blur the lines of someone else’s story into your own. To “Act as if” is to understand whether your story is realistic and achievable with your resources; not pretending you can just be their story with the power of visualisation.

Use the power of visualisation to see, feel and hear YOUR story – that’s where the real transformations and new stories come from; deep within you. You can only ‘Act as if’ with your own story.

Always leave room for a plot twist

A good story has variety and will have one or two plot twists. When we write a new story, we are in control of our experiences and feelings. However, we are not in control of anything that is outside of us. There sits the plot twists. A plot twist can be from your own free will where you change your mind and make new choices. It can also be an event, illness or situation which involves you, but where you are not the main character. Remember just as you have characters in your story, you will be a character in someone else’s.

By leaving space for a plot twist you become more adaptable, your resilience grows and your story becomes stronger, real and completely you.

You can start your new page, chapter or life story at anytime. There’s no need to wait for the New Year midnight chimes. You can start your new journey today.

Emma Lannigan is the author of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn a self help and motivational read to inspire readers on a journey to finding inner happiness that lasts a lifetime. Emma has appointments for 1:1 online and in person coaching and mentoring for individuals and business owners who want to reconnect with their purpose, passion and energy. Join the Your belifehappy Facebook Group for more inspiration and monthly challenges.