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Holistic Self Care

Holistic self care with holistic wheel

Embracing adult life around 20 to 40 years ago there was very little understanding of what holistic self care was.  It was a time where we were torn between feeling guilty about the freedom of choice we had ahead of us.

Our understanding of holistic self care

Understanding what holistic self care personally meant to us was even more lost in translation. Either ’WooWoo’ or that ’spiritual nonsense;’ other people’s fears immediately turned us off learning more about holistic self care.

Happiness, oneness and holistic wellbeing are words now we see and hear more.  What though, do these words mean to you? Our perception of what holistic and self care means will be different. We each have our own values and beliefs about our world and at what levels we want to experience life.

Holistic Perspective

Getting a perspective of your life holistically is as simple as taking a 360 degree view across your; mind, body and spirit. These three elements working together create harmony within your inner self. A practical way to take a snap shot of your holistic life today is to identify where you are now within these key areas of your life:

  • Physical health/ fitness
  • Spiritual/ emotional wellbeing
  • Career/ business
  • Home/ domestic life
  • Social life
  • Financial/ wealth

Exercise: Download a free Holistic Wheel – belifehappyDo this on your own or with a friend or partner. Work through each area and rate on a scale of zero to ten (ten being the best it can be for you in your life.) Print off the PDF and draw on a marker of where you feel you are in each area of your life (zero starts at the centre, half markers are five and the outside line is a rating of ten.) When you complete your wheel you can join up each of your markers which will imply a shape, not necessarily a circle. The Holistic Wheel helps you identify why and where you are and what action you can choose to take if any is required to support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Self Care

There are different interpretations of self care, however here we are taking about action and responsibility to raise your awareness of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Self care that allows you to take positive supportive action to maintain and care for yourself.

Empowering self communication

The empowering level of responsibility self care brings, allows us to understand and listen to our body. We can make decisions faster and clearer based on how and where we feel our responses within our body. It becomes a whole new level of communication with ourselves.

Time for self reflection

Wherever you are in your life we all benefit from reflection through self awareness and regular self care. It might be once a year or once a month, however pausing time to check in with your physical and emotional wellbeing is just as important as your Car MOT. There is no more waiting for things to go wrong when you start to take control of your mind, body and spirit.

How does Holistic Self Care Work?

As with all new exercises and routines, integrating self care into your life takes time. The first part is about raising awareness to what you feel about within your life right now. Self care isn’t necessarily about ‘fixing’ your life when it’s not even broken; it’s about being aware, grateful and thankful for what you do have physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through this learning of self awareness you can then start to make decisions and actions that will support your holistic wellbeing. This might be through changing some lifestyle habits like cooking more fresh meals each week; or going for a walk three times a week; visiting a friend or family member who might need a little extra help; taking up yoga; having regular holistic therapies like reiki, massage, reflexology; or taking up a new evening or online course to learn a new skill, like fine tuning those amazing photos you take, or getting creative and arranging your own flowers.

Holistic self care is so much bigger and exciting than a diet or new gym programme. The benefits over time from being in your life instead of allowing life to just happen and pass you by means you can be happiness for a lifetime and belifehappy.


When you are ready to embrace holistic self care into your life get in touch with Emma Lannigan the creator of belifehappy. Last year to reward existing clients and encourage new clients to embrace self care, Emma launched ‘Self Care 4 Me‘ through belifehappy Wellbeing. This package is £76 and offers 4 sessions of 60 minutes of either reiki or holistic massage. Contact Emma to book an appointment or to find out more about holistic self care.