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Reiki Healing Messages of Love

Reiki offers completely unique healing messages for each client and session. For some clients the feelings experienced can be a greater sense of calm or being physically more energised. For others, healing messages are sent. Some clients will experience both.

As a reiki master teacher we are guided to work with the highest intention of love. The work I do invites the angels, ascended masters and mentors of the universe to join each individual session to also only be present with the highest intention of love and healing.

Some clients, especially when it is a first session, acknowledge the energy like waves rolling through them. Other clients have commented on the heat from my hands or share colours they have seen.

Guided Healing Messages

With each reiki session, as a therapist, the energy and experiences develop. For a number of months the sessions had been guided with healing messages to energetically flush colour through clients energy fields as the session closed. These messages developed to sharing gifts, like symbols, flowers, birds and rainbows, energetically filling the client’s body. This guidance stopped briefly until this week.

Clients visit for their own reasons. The clients who have regular reiki sessions for their self care and holistic inner balance will notice more how each session changes.

Direct Healing Message with Love

This is a beautiful experience of a healing message. As you read it you will understand why I love reiki and started practicing, and why I’m now waiting to start teaching later this year.

During the treatment a beautiful soft pink rose with petals gently opening and closing appeared. It was like a flow of energy starting to blossom. The rose was in the area of the solar plexus, an energy centre where we hold our fears and anxiety, and where we can embrace life with courage and self belief. Towards the end of the treatment I asked if there were any other healing messages or gifts to be shared and this rose appeared again. Then followed lots of these roses gently falling down into they client’s energy field from above their body. The words lightness and joy were sent with these flowers.

Understanding Healing Messages

After the session, the client shared that they had experienced seeing the colour blue. They had also heard a noise in their left ear during this session. We discussed the noise and the flowers and their description and the session closed. The day after, the client sent a message to update me on the meaning of the flowers.  On reflection, they had learned it was a healing message sent with the highest intention of love from someone very close to them. The rose had been a favourite type of the person sending the message.

This reiki session illustrates the highest intention of love that can be shared when we allow ourselves to embrace the stillness and silence within our world; our mind, body and spirit. Allowing the sense of energetic freedom to reconnect with the highest intention of love and healing is the reason why I love reiki. The healing messages whether for our physical, emotional or spiritual self all come with love.


To read more about Reiki with Emma Lannigan visit the reiki page and get in touch when you would like to experience reiki either at her home studio in Market Deeping, Lincolnshire or via distance healing.

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