Owning your story to get back in control of your life

Owning Your Story

Being ready to start owning your story and be life happy starts with the reconnection to your inner self. You become the creator and main character, and you choose how each chapter develops. When you’ve stopped enjoying your story the first place to start is by reconnecting with our mind and body. The truth of your story is already within you. Most of the time we are unconscious to this surrounded by the daily dense fog and detail between home life and work life.

Authenticity is at the heart of owning your story. Without knowing who you are, what story are you creating, writing and sharing? You’ve heard of ‘fake it until you make it’? You can write any story you like. Whether the story is lived in reality is based on how aligned and authentic the story is to you. So the real secret to owning your story is to be the very centre of your story.

Knowing is Owning Your Story

Working with business owners and individuals I’ve observed their story telling and their results. It often starts with a problem to be solved, a new challenge or experience to be had; ultimately something has to change or is changing.

In order for the change to happen we take a look at what has happened before. We bring to our awareness any patterns, trends, and information so we can extract learnings. It’s the raising of awareness that allows us to find our truth.

How have your thoughts and actions contributed to the story so far?

A New Book

Sometimes, we get to the end of a book without even knowing. We turn to the next blank page and just feel stuck. The story just isn’t working for us anymore and we no longer own it.

Throughout different stages of our life we change, we change more than we are aware. We can feel stuck, frustrated or alone because nothing is working anymore. The when we reach out for help, we are offered a new perspective on the changes we have become.

Before we set pen to paper in this new book, we have the opportunity to reconnect with who we are; what we want and what action we can and are prepared to start taking.

The Past or Present Tense

When you are ready to bring in your learnings from the past and own your story today, you take a step into now and the present tense. The past becomes just that, a place when you have already taken your learnings and applied these for the future. The rest can now be released so you can focus all your energy on creating new intentions.

Foundation of Characters and Places

Once you are focused on what really is important to you in this new story you start to feel like you own it again. People, places and things that support you remain in your story.

Changes; some small and sometimes much bigger, can start to appear as you set the new scene. The creativity you have now is so much stronger as you design you life based on who you are. The challenges new, exciting and a little scary too.

As you own your story fear steps to the side as it can’t infiltrate the solid strength of your inner foundation. Within your core of being you hold true to what you believe, what you say, what you feel, what you see and what you do.

This reconnection with your authentic self is super charged and energised. Set now to direct yourself forward and to seek out and focus only on helping you be your story.

Enjoy creating and being. Own your story, today, tomorrow and everyday.


Emma Lannigan created belifehappy and is the author of the self help book: belifehappy. give. play. love. learn. Emma offers private coaching for business owners and individuals to own their authentic story through business and life changes. Get in touch with Emma to find out more.

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