Living in the now versus creating a future vision

Living in the Now Versus Future Vision

The practice of living in the now can be a conflict to creating a future vision. Here’s how these two self development tools work together.

When we start anything, it is usually at the beginning, and when we are talking about self development and our own life the questions start from within:

Who am I?
Am I being who I want to be?
Am I doing what I want to do?
If I am not being and doing who I am right now, then who am I?

When these questions cause you to get a little confused, that’s good and we can go back to the beginning (again!)

In order to create a future vision we will be being and doing life right now. My next question is how much attention are you paying (investing) in your current life right now?

We often spend time living in our lives that we don’t get much time to even know what living in the now is! Then we have jumping into the future, daydreaming and wishing we were somewhere else. Escaping into a future world is good for our creativity. On the flip side it can heighten our anxiety, when we feel like the future vision is out of our reach.

So what is better; living in the now or for the future vision? Or both?

Living in the Now

Living in the now is a skill set that with long term training becomes a natural part of your every day. Raising self awareness of your thoughts, feelings, experiences, emotions and physical body help you reconnect your conscious and unconscious mind, so they start to work together again.

Seeing, feeling and hearing life each day enhances your awareness of who you are, what you do, who you spend time with, and how you feel.

Living in the now, and some call mindfulness, is simply being aware of you and your life, holistically. You get to reflect each day, week, month and year and acknowledge your experiences, learnings and make new choices all based on knowing who you are.

The result of living in the now is you have the best relationship in the whole world – with yourself.

Now we have that sorted, imagine what impact this best relationship you have with yourself has on all your relationships across all of your world? Your physical body, health and fitness, personal relationships, partners, children, family, friends, colleagues, clients and customers?

Future Vision

After at least one month of daily self awareness you start to notice life and there might be things you want to change. You can do this now with so much more confidence. You know who you are, what you like and what you want and who you want it with.

If however the future looks a little foggy or there is some uncertainty, training yourself to visualise your life is an amazing tool that helps you see what life can look like when you remove the limits of every day life.

The freedom to be creative is massively empowering.

Bringing Living in the Now and Future Vision Together

The magic to being able to appreciate life and each moment through being present, reflective and in control of your life is the knowing of what you want from life.

The time you invested in looking into the future and knowing what it is you want to be experiencing, allows you to live in the now and make choices that will support your future vision.

This is where your reconnection of conscious and unconscious minds is working for you again. Instead of chasing what you think you want, and feeling anxious about what might be, you’ve already set the compass, planted the seeds, and now your conscious mind can bring you the information to your attention that will help you.

Some say leave it to fate and the law of attraction; we know the results come from within you and the action you take. When you know who you are, you believe in yourself and those two ingredients mixed with gratitude, love and kindness and a vision for your life, creates happiness and health, today, tomorrow and every day.

What are you waiting for? You now know you can live in the now and live your future vision all at the same time.

With Love Emma x

Emma Lannigan is an NLP and Hypnotherapist Practitioner and Coach and transformed her own life back in 2007 as part of her mission of finding happiness for a lifetime, where she created belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Emma is available for 1-1 coaching from her home in Market Deeping and online via Skype and email. Emma also runs a ‘Create Your Vision’ workshop. Contact Emma to ask about coaching or book onto the next workshop.
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