Self identity allows you to define your inner beauty and align with your purpose.

Self identity

Self identity was a term that came up for me this week to consider and share with you. However we perceive our self identity might not be how it is perceived by others.

From growing up with school friends to work colleagues, we evolve and change as do our values and beliefs about our world; and that changes the people we spend time with.

Relationships, location moves, new careers, becoming a Mother/ Father, our own physical or mental illness and or bereavement all have the ability to create a deeper level of change within us. As a result you we see ourselves as changes and life that we knew starts to change too.

Yet as these new thoughts and perspectives feel right for us, there will be people on the sidelines who are ready to pull you back to who you were. That’s a place that feels safe for them. They know you as you were before and hold on to this energy.

New energy of self identity

Meanwhile a new energy and self identity has been created; one that is more aligned with your inner dreams and life purpose; one that fills you with excitement, love and happiness.

The impact of successful self identity change is staying true to your values and beliefs.

Why was this change important to you?
What is important to you in life now?

Only you will know what your main drivers for this change were.

Being defined by self identity

You have a choice as to whether your self identity is defined by you or by others. There will be times when the natural path of evolvement releases you from all that no longer supports the self identity you have chosen from within. This means, new places, new faces, new experiences become more frequent. Your comfort zone boundaries are gently stretched, to being pushed to see just how far you are willing to be your identity.

Acknowledging that some people will not want you to change, you can offer them love and kindness in exchange for ‘letting you go.’ In some cases over time some people you know will adjust to your energy changing and accept the opportunity to evolve with you. Because it’s important to remember we don’t all evolve at the same time.

Our unique self identity

There is so much personal inner consciousness work to be done that no two people will be creating the exact same identity. We’re here to learn and grow from each other, that is the beauty of our unique self identity.


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