Releasing fear and embracing new energy

Releasing fear

Releasing fear is a concept most of us understand, yet putting it in to practice in our own life often proves more challenging. So for the next few minutes let’s look at fear and how it supports us and why releasing fear is an important element of our emotional wellbeing which has an effect on our personal and professional life.

Anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt: how many of those emotions have you experienced in your life to date? All of them I am sure at some point, and all of these are natural emotions. However when we leave them to the depths of our unconscious mind they have the ability to filter out potential future opportunities and present themselves when they are not wanted.

The other thing with fear is it has a sneaky way of covering its tracks. Like your unconscious mind knows the fear and your conscious mind is ready with a fabulous excuse or reason to respond with; a cover up job so to speak.

Fear wears heavy on our physical body

At different stages in our life, and unique to each of us, our awareness peaks around our fears. This awareness offers us two options: 1) Acknowledge the fear exists and work through it to release it; or 2) Make alternative plans so you can avoid the presenting fear.

The more we choose option 2 of avoidance the more this fear builds up its power within you. What are you choosing to ignore?

Releasing fear offers new emotional energy

When you notice the fear you have starts to limit areas of your life or business growth, you will know that it’s time to take action.

The first stage of releasing fear is acknowledging it exists and understanding what it is actually preventing you from doing or being.

The other day whilst working with a coaching client who is working on the critical stages of a start up business I asked: So ask yourself what is it you fear right now?

I did not expect an answer, however just for my client to raise their awareness of the fear existing. The fear they had was creating a block to the launch of their start up. Once the client became aware of what their fears were, we were then able to work on the opposite success outcomes and actions to make them happen.

“Releasing fear allows you to replace the fear with new positive and supportive energy.”

Fear for safety

An element of fear is a natural instinct, there to keep us safe. We have an immense physical and mental systems within our body that allow us to react and make choices when our safety is compromised. Releasing past emotional fear will not effect this natural instinct to protect ourselves.

“Releasing fear that no longer supports the person you want to be today recharges your energy and opens you up to new experiences.”

Do you have a fear that is preventing you from doing or being the person you want to be today? Emma Lannigan is an NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Coach and combines her coaching with emotional energy release healing to help clients reconnect, recharge and empower their life and business. You can work with Emma via Skype face to face. Contact Emma here.

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