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Aligning Your World

There is a magic in this life only a few live daily, some get a glimpse of and others are simply not aware it even exists. This magic is seen through our eyes, listened, felt, tasted and made sense of at a unique and individual level. Aligning your mind and body with your intentions, thoughts, communications and actions is the magic you can start creating in your world today.

We meet people who understand and are on the same wave length, nodding at the same things; yet forgotten is the fact we have a whole communication, filtering and screening system to make sense of our world.

To get right into this moment consider right now as I type and my finger tips touch each square with a letter on; my fingers are connected to my hands; my hands connected to by wrist and then my arms; my arms connected to by body and within this a nervous system containing cells sending messages backwards and forwards between my mind and my finger tips to write these words. Where do the words come from? And what determines the speed at which connect the words in my mind to how these words appear on my screen? (We don’t need to answer these questions right now!)

Then the pause where I press the return for a new paragraph. Have you stopped and recently appreciated just how unique you are, and the beauty and contribution you add to your world? I’m not talking about your writing contribution; this is about your whole contribution from each thought, conversation and action. I’m going to guess many of you reading this will not have. In everyday life we skip over the detail and ‘get on’ with what we do. The detail can be quite daunting and overwhelming with questions you might start to find answers to (and not want to answer!)

Finding the answers is actually a gift for you.

These answers allow you to magically present and project the aligned world of your inner self. Finding the space to appreciate the detail of your world is a vital tool to raise your awareness of the wonderful you.

It helps you review and evaluate the people in your life and the way in which you approach tasks, for instance at school, college, at work and at home.

Consider the benefits of stepping back from your day to day and looking into your life and valuing your thoughts, emotions and actions and how effective they are for you right now?

The magical strength of successful, confident achievers is their ability to be honest about their resources and beliefs towards achieving their dreams. Some will have a coach; either a life coach or business/executive coach or a mentor; some will find a person to model themselves on and it’s their internal drive to achieve which keeps their magical world alive.

To start finding magic in your world take a step back and start with a blank piece of paper (get away from technology while you do this!) Notice each day all the magic you are seeing, sharing and being. Notice when you step back what skills and people you are most grateful for. What and who is supporting you right now as you walk towards your magically aligned world?

The magical secret of life is in knowing you created it. today. tomorrow. everyday.

Written by Emma Lannigan, Marketing & Wellbeing Author & Coach