Internal life and business values

Internal Values

Values: What’s the difference?

So the result of my investment in time in me last night left me with this question (which I would ask my clients too!)

“What do I do that is different?”

Or as I remember David Shephard​ saying a few years back;

“What’s the difference that makes the difference?”

belifehappy is the difference, the foundation of give, play, love, learn; and with each focus being implemented across all areas of your life, today. tomorrow and everyday, my aim is for clients to find their happiness, and have the tools and resources to live life as they want to, whether this is through marketing coaching, life coaching, reiki and holistic massage.

There is no separation and this sometimes crazy mission of mine is founded on wanting to raise awareness of this.

Everyone in business needs to know your life is not separate from your business. Everyday you are projecting into your businesses your values and beliefs – so the point being to make sure you are aligned with your business.

There is no benefit to be gained from a leader of a business having a different set of values and beliefs than the business they manage and own. Not only this, the foundation of your business is in those values you share with your employees and customers.

Let’s start with your employees. I’ve worked with businesses that are going through cultural change and with this reviewed their values because no one really. They thought at first this was just a ‘marketing thing’ for customers where in fact the impact was greater having an effect on the team of people working there. People make your business. Energetically when things change people will either embrace the change or resist and eventually leave (this happens in your personal relationships too!) That’s why you’ll often read about involving your teams in cultural change, getting people on board so they are in the change at the same time as the management team, (no separation.)

Now for your customers; (I hope many of you know this already,) your customers do not buy from you based on your product/ service alone. They buy from what they hear, feel, believe and see of your business. Your brand. Yes another marketing thing which when approached authentically will stand the test of time for your business.

Values which might appear to be something you have in a business and your life are not there to be forgotten about in a folder collecting dust. Get them out! And yes that means write them down again.

  1. What do you value most about who you are and what you do?
  2. Does that match what you thought you had?
  3. Is that what other people thought i.e. your employees?
  4. Do they need updating?

That internal work in your business (as within yourself) paves the way to energetically align yourself with your new future and outcomes.

Save time comparing yourself to others and invest in you. Lead your own change from within and keep it simple. Take the butterfly above and see each segment as a value and create congruent values (and enjoy the process.)



Written by Emma Lannigan, Marketing & Wellbeing Author & Coach