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Personal Growth and Nature

Your Personal Growth is Reflected in Nature

During a walk around a local nature reserve in Market Deeping, my affinity with nature once again inspired me. Nature is responding to the season. Leaves dying and falling to the ground; yet nature is not crying; it’s simply responding to its natural personal growth and development, preparing itself for the colder months, and then to flourish in blossom and shoot new leaves.

So when we welcome in the New Year of 2016, it’s not so much we need to be ready: on your marks, get set, GO! It’s more about being prepared to adapt and flow with your natural development.

You have plenty of time to prepare as your wonderful new personal growth will become visible in early spring.

Use January as your time of reflection and creation. The New Year is relative to your personal time of growth. Some years back I learnt in Tarot of the Fools Journey and its’ beginning in April. The Fool carries a number of tools in his bag; and this is not to say we are fools! This is to say we have time to prepare and know what tools, skills and talents we will be using on this next phase of our journey. Use the winter time to plan and pack your bag wisely.

What experiences are you choosing for 2016?

Ultimately like nature you have time to prepare. Nature naturally has a cycle as we do to. We can and do believe we have birth, living and death; however during the process of living we are growing, learning, letting go and repeating; just like a tree grows a new branch and new leaves.

Our cycles and pace of change are unique. You can speed up or slow down your pace of life; however look to nature and see the natural flow it has accomplished and what can you learn from nature?

Events occur in nature which will knock out the natural flow and balance. This happens to us too. Healing and repair, recovery and growth. I asked my Step Dad last year what I should do about two plants I have at my front door as they had stopped flowering and were in need of some care. His advice at first surprised me and then made absolute sense (and many of you if keen gardeners will get this too.) If you leave it, as out in nature, the plant will repair itself; otherwise you can cut it back and wait for it to regrow next year.

Look for the similarities in nature and reconnect the energy within yourself.

Embrace 2016 with an appreciation of your life, your purpose and the world you are part of.

(You’re absolutely amazing!)

With Love Emma x


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Written by Emma Lannigan, coach and author of belifehappy: give. play. love. learn, based in Market Deeping, Stamford, Lincolnshire. If you enjoyed this article please share it and credit @emmalannigan. Many thanks.