Love yourself inside out

Love Yourself

Love yourself and what you say; your thoughts, the way you say it and the actions that follow. So when did you last take a look at your actions towards yourself?

“Do you go all out with love and time for everyone else in your life?”

Are you creating time to love yourself?

Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you’ll have in your life. Your value, love and kindness to yourself is what you share with your world.

Falling in love with yourself is either a new or uncomfortable place for many.. I know too. However when you reconnect with your self love your world transpires with joy and ease… I know this too.

And you know what else, you’ll still have ‘crappy’ times and experience tough situations. Without them you’d not be able to use this power of love you have inside of you.. I know this too. Your self awareness and self love combined, offer you an inner resilience to be in control of today, tomorrow and every day.

“Finding happiness for a lifetime is finding love within and learning to give, share and receive – like asking for help.”

Learning to get back in touch with what you love and what fills you with energy.

Learning to love with forgiveness and compassion, with new perspectives. Adjusting your energy to release past experiences that no longer support who you are today.

Learning to learn opens so many doors. A new self awareness with new interests can offer a whole new passion, focus and energy for living, with new friends.

Each one of us is travelling our own very unique journey and it will not be like mine, your friends, parents, siblings or colleagues. Comparison is like the opposite of compassion here. It’s about honouring (with honesty) your journey. Being OK to make adjustments and having the inner trust and self belief you are doing and being YOU.

Bypassing love or seeking love from outside of ourselves drives us in a different direction to where our inner self was heading. This causes a conflict in mind and body. Listening to our inner self helps us know when to slow down, what to notice and when to make changes.

Love yourself – it is our super power within.


With Love Emma x

Reconnect, recharge and empower your Love Inside Out. Emma Lannigan is the author of belifehappy: give, play, love, learn and founder of belifehappy. Sign up to Emma’s newsletter here for the latest news, blogs and events.