learn how to organise your marketing and get your time back and still get results

Marketing Your Business

learn how to organise your marketing and get your time back and still get results

Marketing Your Business Workshop

22 April 2016

Eventus Business Centre

In this one day marketing workshop you will be investing in yourself and your business.

9 Reasons to Attend:

  1. You’re faced with should you be doing all this social media.
  2. You don’t have a customer database or you do and you’re not using it.
  3. You’re doing social, email newsletters, blogs and you’re not seeing the results.
  4. You’ve lost touch with who your target audience is or you have a new audience to reach.
  5. You worry about how to do marketing for your business.
  6. Adverts are costly and you’re not sure you’re doing them right.
  7. Marketing is taking up too much time and not enough results.
  8. You’re ready to get in control of marketing your business.
  9. You want the insight and practical marketing tools that will take the worry away and help you get results from your marketing efforts.

This marketing workshop has been designed by Emma Lannigan to help self employed business owners and start ups get ahead with a marketing foundation big businesses use.

Yes you need to be adaptable, you also need to be in a proactive position to;

  1. Get visibility
  2. Connect and build relationships with your audience and customers
  3. Respond to industry or news related events
  4. Allocate and manage your marketing budget
  5. Monitor your customer and lead generation process

Marketing your business and getting results is the long game, and marketing has changed – well the communication and distribution side has. The marketing process is still as alive as at any other time.

Join me, Emma Lannigan on Friday 22 April at Eventus Business Centre to:

  1. Understand and learn more about marketing.
  2. Get behind the Why of your business.
  3. Review the value exchange you are offering.
  4. Make your communication efforts online and offline more effective for responses and budget.
  5. Learn those ‘things’ you see other people doing and using online but don’t know who to ask!
  6. Learn why you need to monitor, what to monitor and what tools are available.

Honestly, we’re covering a lot of ground in one day! So I’ll keep you energised, focused and there will be lots of practical based discussion and exercises to make the learnings from the day be real to you and your business. You’ll also get a workbook to take away that will give you helpful resources.

Previously I worked in marketing management roles and consultancy until 2015, when I decided to transfer my experiences into marketing coaching. I have since worked 1-1 with business owners coaching them to develop their own marketing foundations.

In this workshop I want to share my learnings from creating and delivering successful marketing campaigns over the last 18 years. From branding, events planning and marketing, lead generation in travel and leisure, b2b manufacturing and online content and online lead generation campaigns.

If you are passionate about your business being a success, I am passionate about helping you get in control of your marketing to deliver your business results.

Maximum 12 Spaces
Please Book by Friday 15 April
Fee: £59.00

(Lunch not included, Oasis Cafe on ground floor of Eventus Business Centre)

What’s included:

  1. Pre workshop questions
  2. The opportunity to have 5 key marketing challenges addressed
  3. Workbook with practical tips and exercises from the day
  4. Registration, mid morning and afternoon refreshments and water all day
  5. Opportunity to meet other local business owners who have similar or the same challenges as you do
  6. Plenty of opportunities to discuss your experiences and learnings
  7. Experienced, down to earth marketing guidance for your business.

Places are limited to 12.

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