One Day I Will

One Day I Will

‘One Day I Will’ is a powerful leading phrase, packed with vision, intention and motivation to take action.

One Day I Will

‘One Day I Will’ is also a dream; it’s not yet reality of now and the present moment we are living in. We’ve all heard our inner voice say at some point; ‘One day I will get round to that.’

When does the one day become now?

What takes an inspiring woman (or man) to change from daydreaming to being a reality and living what they believe will make a positive difference in someone’s world?

‘One Day I Will’ is a statement of the future that will remain a statement without any action. It’s an inspiring individual who takes action against their critics fears.

The individual’s inner fear reflects across the faces and transfers through the words of those who care and love them. The transition from dream to reality is where action creates changes that not everyone wants. It’s this inner fear and resistance the inspiring individual drives through. They hold their vision, their beliefs and know that to move away from the dream of ’One Day I Will’ to the reality of being ‘Today I AM’ means change.

“Self belief, self awareness, self love and trust defines an inspiring woman’s journey of positive change and personal growth.” [Emma Lannigan]

Growing to share a stronger vision to help others. Women at their very nature are nurturing and caring of others. What have we learned? We know that through self love and self care women can reconnect to their inner vision, strength, love and happiness and share their unique personal power with their world.

Today women have more choices and real aspirations to be heard and be taken seriously. Our world today is full of opportunity when we take action.

To stand at the shore and watch the boat moored to the quay will not set you sail on your journey. Stepping on the boat, being clear of the co-ordinates and your direction, lifting anchor, you can be on your way. One day something might happen to throw you off course, however giving today your full attention gives you more strength to dream and aspire on where you want to be.

Remember by being present right now in the powerful place of ‘Today I AM’ is where ‘One Day I Will’ is created.


With Love Emma x


Emma Lannigan is the author of the self help and motivational book belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Emma hosts workshops and works 1-1 with clients who want to reconnect, recharge and empower their inner happiness.
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