Why have reiki to help with physical emotional and spiritual wellebing

Why have reiki

Pronounced ‘Ray – Kee’ reiki is universal energy, so why have reiki? It’s an ancient Japanese healing system discovered and developed by Dr Usui. Used across the world, reiki is a relaxing and restoring treatment that helps balance our physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Everyone will have their own unique experiences of reiki. Some will experience similar experiences, however not the same. Reiki is a healing system that works at such an individual level over a course of treatments.

The reasons why people have reiki sessions can be as part of overall self care they have chosen, or because they have a physical health or emotional imbalance at the time.

“Reiki is a very individual experience.”

Here’s an overview of some of the reasons and individual experiences of reiki.


When an individual is experiencing physical pain either long term chronic pain or illness to an injury or stress related tension, the first thing they will experience is a release of this pain and discomfort. Reiki accelerates healing and for this purpose sometimes clients have experienced a focus on their pain and then a release.

The secondary benefits are at an emotional level. Individuals are more likely to feel energised and happier once their physical pain has lifted.


Individuals who are experiencing challenging times in their life whether exams, a house move, a new child, wedding, divorce, new job, starting a business, being made redundant to illness will have a different process of healing. The primary benefits come from a clearer mind and some clients report an inner strength returning. Other clients have reported after reiki they have been able to approach their situation differently in a more positive way to how they had been previously.

The secondary benefit is their physical body as a result feels stronger and healthier to support them in their new life situation.


Individuals are often drawn to reiki. They have an inner knowing it is something they want to experience, however often individuals are not able to remember why. In some cases spiritual healing encompasses our all – over very being; the physical and emotional. Individuals who are transitioning through immense life changes; not just in circumstance but also in thoughts and beliefs and reiki supports this adjustment across our energy body.

So why have reiki?

Reiki is a healing treatment individuals will experience for their own reasons. The safe, grounded space and support insured reiki practitioners and masters offer can be the stepping stone in someone’s physical or emotional recovery.


Emma Lannigan, belifehappy Wellbeing, is a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and is a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Based in Market Deeping Emma works with clients from across Bourne, The Deepings, Peterborough, Stamford and Rutland. For more information about reiki and wellbeing visit www.emmalannigan.com/wellbeing

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