Perfect Imbalance Podcast interview

Perfect Imbalance

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In conversation with Emma Lannigan 15 September 2018 Over the summer of 2018 I had my first podcast interview with Jeff Weigh, creator of the Perfect Imbalance Podcast and owner of Ignite Performance. During the conversation you will learn more about Emma’s journey and her WHY for creating belifehappy. Here’s a quick taster. Episode #015 […]

Four Steps to Happiness Workshop

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Learn four steps to happiness with Emma Lannigan the creator and founder of belifehappy. Emma is a wellbeing author, NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Coach and Reiki Master. There is no other self awareness workshop like this because of belifehappy’s unique gifted philosophy. Learn more about belifehappy. Workshop IntroductionIntroducing the belifehappy philosophy of finding your […]