Contribution of your energy

What energy are you giving and receiving?

The thing is life sometimes doesn’t happen the way you thought. I expect many of you reading this have experienced that right? Why does that happen? Well, what did you ask for? If you’re stuck thinking right now I’d guess you’ve not got a vision or a ‘plan’ of 2015? What does this year look like to you? What experiences are you expecting to have and who are you sharing those with (if anyone)? I could go on about creating the year you actually want, however we’ll do that in another blog. Today we’re looking at your contribution of your energy and its impact on your world.

Right here, right now, ‘stuff’ is changing. Everything moves. Everything is living or maybe easier to explain; everything is energy and there are different vibrational levels that create different appearances and experiences for each of us. You see while we are all individual we are all part of now, sharing the energies around us.

Now we have established we all all sharing the same space it’s time to look at what  have you been sharing of late – what are you giving out there? And in return what energies are you receiving? Note the words giving and receiving here are they are the key words which ultimately maintain balance in your world.

So what energies are you giving? Your thoughts are generating energy, your words, your actions, to be fair each breath is contributing energy. Go back to your thoughts and the way you talk to yourself, (that’s right that self talk) how does that sound to you when you think about what you have been saying to yourself? Do you feel motivated, excited, positive or are you feeling frustrated,sad, annoyed or even angry? What are you allowing your thoughts to create? STOP!

Get back into control of those thoughts. Are they supporting who and where you want to be?

Now go back and notice what words you are using when you talk with family, friends and the people at work. Are you giving the same energies to everyone in your life or do some get treated more with your positive or negative energies? Why is that? (that’s for you to ponder and answer)!

You can then take a look now at what energies you are receiving from the same people in your world. When you are with any of them what are you feeling? What are you actually receiving from the engagement and communication? Because remember, it is so much more than words. The words are just the vehicle, the feeling, the outcome and response complete the whole message.

Now you have something to go away and think about; your communication and the energy you are contributing. By drawing attention to your thoughts you can decide whether you are receiving the responses you actually want.

Next we’ll take a look at some ways to protect your energies and ensure they act with the highest intentions to deliver positive responses… how does that feel and sound to you?

be and give the energy you wish to receive.

be now. be life. be happy.

Emma is a marketing specialist, NLP life coach and holistic massage therapist and Reiki master. Emma specialises in communication: physical, written, experiential and spiritual. She is the founder of belifehappy created in 2008 and releases her first self improvement book in 2015. Subscribe to Emma’s blog for further posts direct to you via email.

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