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Time Travel and Learnings

After reading this morning about atlantis, I started to reflect on time travel and the learnings I’ve gained over the last four decades; principally of self responsibility. Here I take a look at how far we’ve travelled and what we’re being presented with now in 2015.

Blame, fear, ego and an era of arrogance, technology advancements, then came the passion for change and happiness. During the transition of these last four decades there were two streams that created different experiences; those you acted and those who were blamed. The victor and the victim; the cause and the effect – which one were/ are you?

Theses are simply different life paths we have chosen; and the result of the experiences we individually want to learn and grow from.

As we move away from blame and fear, what we are doing is welcoming, (or rather embracing) a new place in our world; one of responsibility. By this I mean personal responsibility and I wonder if it is coming to light now for more and more people.

We (thankfully) moved away from blaming others and instead seek resolution; and social media has helped us adopt more transparency and the ability to share our emotions, achievements, beliefs and values.

So what happened when we started this phase of ownership? We started making our own decisions. Life before this was still rebuilding from the war and a time of lack of resources. The ration mentality lived on within two generations, some still living today. The resourcefulness that can be learned from a ‘lack of’ mentality is that caring and ‘feeling’ was a priority. In comparison today where for some, people are ‘just too busy’ and have ’no time’ for hugs.

The ego 80’s saw greed and excessiveness become visible in contrast to the previous decades; life and the world had become even more accessible; colour tv’s, package holidays, and the beginnings of the mobile phone (the brick.) Our new way of engaging and communicating in the world had just started to change.

And here we are in 2015, and while my perceptions of the world were blown apart and remodelled in 2008, I’m seeing for the first time the shift and where we are travelling too.

It’s always been a journey; as I set off in 2005 with a notebook from a colleague at work which said: ‘A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step’ Lao-tzu; the quote which opens belifehappy: give. play. love. learn. Each step on our individual journey will have us experience different events, feelings, relationships, highs, lows and everything in between. It’s still a journey; a beginning, middle and end.

In our history and so far as the World Wars; death and early death was expected and feared. Either through illness or fighting for their freedom; lives ended. The fear of death and the end of what we know is a lesson I finally accepted in 2008. Having wanted (or thought I’d wanted) to end my own life in my early twenties I didn’t understand what choice I was being given. Spiritually I was not living and being the life I had chosen on this journey; my spirit wanted to leave, pack up and go home! I was given a choice and here I am to stay (for quite a while I believe!)

What I am seeing now is people are taking the reins of their ‘self’ and ownership of their life. We are all presented with opportunity and choice, and we are taking self responsibility for our actions.

The middle section of the journey is ours, it always has been; however today, here in 2015, it’s as though we’ve all been given some kind of permission to get out there, take action and be you greatest self!

“And as we embrace the freedom to share our emotions, this is, itself another part of the journey. Being able to recognise and understand this period of acceptance requires time to give to ourselves and raise our self awareness.”

Recently during a conversation someone said to me: “Well I guess when you have found your happiness inside, and you can do what you love, then…. you’re happy..” Yes! Yes! Yes! Just by honouring why you are here and what you have to bring to the party of life – including your talents and experience, you can too share your happiness and learn how to manage your experience of happiness in your life.

And that is why today in 2015, after the generations of focusing on fear and lack of, we have finally embraced their fighting spirit and shining the light so brightly towards fear that we can no longer see it; seeing and feeling the light and expansive opportunity to be our best self today. tomorrow and everyday.

Use the learnings from the past and time travel with the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you now. The only right time to be you is right now!

With love Emma x


Emma Lannigan is the author of belifehappy: give. published by Balboa Press.

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