MHAW2015 - Mindfulness

Are you Mindful?

Are you Mindful? Mental Health Awareness Week

Fourteen years ago I didn’t know who I was. My body was numb and life was something I had become disconnected to. The stigma and fear in people’s eye’s that their friend had depression was something that once I got better I wanted to change. I was ill. Just because I wasn’t in plaster or in hospital and no one could see my illness it was hard to understand.

What I learned back then was about friendship, the strength and power of my mind and how I could choose how to live my life.

Within three years I’d got my strength back, still a bit dazed after having no emotions on anti depressants, and I decided to pack up and do something that I’d wanted to do for years. Every day since has been about learning something new. I learned how to ask for help, how to play more, have adventures and be and do, I also learned to connect, listen and love myself through building my self awareness. I learned and learned and let go. This has not been an easy journey, and some of you know I love a challenge!

I chose not to define myself with an illness I had. I wanted to get better. I made decisions, I invested in myself, and slowly, slowly became the Emma I knew I was in my heart.

PLEASE don’t give up. If you ever feel life is getting out of control there is one thing, most important to life which can bring you back to now – your breathing. FOCUS on your breathing. It is your gift of life and will help you come back to now every time.

I am supporting #MHAW15 and will be out an about in the Deepings on Wednesday 13 May and online all week with tips for self awareness, relaxing and focusing on YOU now.

EnJOY and Be You today. tomorrow. everyday. belifehappy.

With Love x

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