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Finding Opportunities

We are more likely to be finding opportunities online than we are anywhere else – I mean we spend a good proportion of our time scrolling through facebook feeds and twitter posts these days. So you’ll not be surprised when I tell you I came across an opportunity via a friend on facebook who was attending an event in London. My good friend who I met in 2009 when I started my personal development and coaching training, lives within London and we’d only messaged a few weeks before about meeting up as it had been nearly three years since we last had a cup of tea.

What caught my eye was the main speaker at the event; author David R. Hamilton. I’d been following his journey with writing for some years and during his most recent book launch “I (Heart) Me, The Science of Self Love.”

With belifehappy now available to buy from all online bookstores including amazon and Waterstones, I wanted to see an author in action, a Hay House author and this event was my opportunity.

I loved listening and learning about someone else’s journey and their perspective of self love being our self esteem and self worth. The honesty in feeling the experiences of someone’s personal journey was heartwarming.. and I guess what I’ve done through belifehappy.

There was nothing ‘new’ and the author himself perhaps said this; however what was new was his perspective and each story we hear in life helps us see with new eyes.

The biggest part of the talk that resonated with me was the change over from being in a professional and commercial world and shifting to being an author and speaker. The challenges and the personal evaluation of self worth that come with the change have been certainly true for me.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in the last month and perhaps what I’ve been doing since belifehappy has been ‘out there’, is to show up; because I totally believe the words I write, the pictures I share and the love infused with each message and post will reach someone and help them make a choice to live their life as their best self.

“Those great leaps of faith powered by our own self belief, is the transformation…” emma lannigan

Those great leaps of faith powered by our own self belief, is the transformation of our life and those who choose to share it with us; our families, friends, colleagues to the town and street we live in.

David Hamilton is from a pharmaceutical background and his understanding of science was a wonderful new perspective to how our mind and bodies communicate. Any of you who have read belifehappy and follow my blogs will know that I’m too a huge advocate of holistic communication; physical, mental and spiritual. Having worked the most part of my marketing career in branding and communications, and then moving into energy work and touch and talking therapies; communication has become so much more to me.

David reminded us all during his talk about the power of our physical bodies and the energy they share. There really is no separation of what we are thinking and our physical appearance. With the science bit, David explained in a very entertaining way how our brain is constantly changing to what you are thinking and what you are doing. Our imagination and ability to visualise experiences and outcomes, in principle, is the same as the real experience to our brains.

From personal observations, experiences within my own life and with clients; it is fair to say we are naturally quite impatient; expecting the outcome now! Except energetically the length of time it takes us to reach the ’dream’ will be as immediate or as far in the future; when we are ready for it, it will appear.

Understanding the impact of human touch on our wellbeing was covered during this inspiring talk, and how this sense of touch stimulates our hormones including oxytocin (one of the happy hormones!)

Human touch like touch therapies; massage and reiki, help the physical and mental body relax, and through this relaxation the parasympathetic system kicks in and during this natural state the body can restore and heal itself, and the mind can install the latest updates and restart itself feeling less sluggish.

Finding opportunities and seizing them is a great investment in ourselves. For me this new experience of seeing a more established personal development author on the stage, helped me reaffirm my own beliefs about belifehappy and the wonderful life journey it shares we me and many others.

Eyes wide open, to see your next opportunity to be your best self.


Written by Emma Lannigan, author of belifehappy, coach and wellbeing specialist.

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